Mexico or the Philippines Which is better to retire early cheap

In this report, we cover Mexico or the Philippines which is better to retire early cheap.

Medical: According to the WHO study that included not only the quality of health care but accessibility based upon the ability to pay, Mexico was ranked 61 out of 191 countries and the Philippines were ranked 60th. Measuring Overall Health Systems for 191 Countries. Of course, both countries have widely different levels of care depending on how much money you have and whether you are in a large city or the provinces. The USA was ranked 37th in the survey because healthcare quality is relatively high but many Americans can’t afford insurance and costs are often the highest in the world. Medical is a tie.

Safety: Mexico has 19.6 murders per 100,000 people per year. The Philippines have 11.2 murders per capita per 100,000 people per year. The United States has 5.51 murders per 100,000 people. To really understand risk though, you need to drill down into neighborhoods because country totals have almost nothing to do with whether or not you will be murdered. So decide which area you are interested in for each country and find out the crime rates there. Murder Rate by Country 2020. The Philippines is safer than Mexico depending on the neighborhood.

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COVID-19: According to John Hopkins, Mexico has about 73,000 deaths with a population of 126 million people which is 579 per million population. The Philippines has about 4930 deaths with a population of about 107 million which is 49 deaths per million people. The United States has about 200,000 deaths with a population of 328 million which is about 609 deaths per million people. John Hopkins COVID19 Data. The Philippines wins the COVID-19 game.

Foods: Food is a matter of personal preference. Your favorite meal may not appeal to me. But if we judge this matter globally, we will see that Mexican food has traveled all over the world. You will find Mexican food restaurants even in average-sized towns around the world. Yet it is not unusual for even large cities do not have even one Filipino restaurant. However, if you love fish and sausage, the Philippines may be your preference. The downside of Mexico is that the diet has high in carbohydrates. So you may put on weight too quickly. Larger cities and tourist cities in both Mexico and the Philippines often have international restaurants, but you often have to pay double or triple the local cuisine.

Infrastructure: According to the world bank, the overall infrastructure ranking for Mexico is 71st in the world with the Philippines ranked at 113th. For perspective, the USA infrastructure is ranked 10th worldwide. Overall Quality of Infrastructure.

Language: 12.9% of the population of Mexico speaks English. 58.2% of the population speaks English in the Philippines. 95.46% of the population in the USA speaks English. As you may expect, more people in tourist areas of both the Philippines and Mexico speak English. English Speakers By Country.

Per Capita Income: According to the World Bank, the per capita income for Mexico in 2019 was $9863 (in US dollars), whereas the per capita income in the Philippines that same year was $3485 US. So Mexico has a more advanced economy in general. Per Capita Income by Country.

Cost of Living: The Philippines was ranked 80th in the cost of living index by the country for 2020. Mexico was ranked 119th by country. That means although Mexico has double the GNP of the Philippines, the cost of living in Mexico is lower on average according to Numbeo. Numbeo Cost of Living Index 2020. My personal experience is that the cost of living is slightly higher in Mexico but it depends more on whether you decide to live in a large city or the countryside. We have lived in both the Philippines and Mexico with living costs for two people ranging from about $1200 USD up to about $2000 USD per month.

Dating: The Philippines wins in the dating category. That is certainly true if you are an English speaker because many people in the Phillippines will speak English with you. Plus, many of my subscribers are of retirement age and would like to date younger Filipinos. It is not unusual to see much older foreigners with younger Filipinos but that is not as common in Mexico. But if you do fall in love with a Mexican and like to travel, Mexicans have a much more powerful passport.

Passport Ranking: A Mexican passport holder can fly to 78 countries without a Visa. The Philippines passport holder can fly to 49 countries.

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