Oaxaca Mexico Best Street Food and Restaurants

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Here are our Oaxaca Mexico best street food and restaurants.  If you enjoy the below video, then check out our best food experiences in Oaxaca.

Super Jugos Angelita: This is the juice bar in the above video. A half pitcher of fresh juice is 35 Pesos ($1.75 USD). The flower tacos ($1 USD) and tamales ($1 USD) in the video are right across from it. Be careful, once you start eating meals here, you won’t want to pay more than $1 USD. It is so good.

Tlayudas Las Ánimas: This is at the end of the above video. Qiang Hui’s dinner was only $3.50 USD. Delicious! They are open late too. We went here after the nightlife tour. 11:45 PM.

Cafe Los Cuiles: We asked our Airbnb host where a great coffee shop was with reliable Internet. She suggested this place. The Internet was great and free so we tried the food. Delicious! Our lunch including coffee and tip was 180 Pesos for both of us, $9 USD.

Restaurante Casa Oaxaca and La Olla: Both of these places came highly recommended by a local Oaxaca friend, but we never made it to either. Let me know what you think if you go.

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen: Both Qiang and I love to cook spicy food. Our Airbnb place had a great kitchen so we eat at home a bunch. We shopped in this local market and this supermarket.