Retire Early $1065 USD Month in San Cristobal Mexico

In this report, we share why some people may be able to Retire Early $1065 USD Month in San Cristobal Mexico

I wanted to show you a beautiful town I visited in Mexico in September of 2018. If you are wondering why I look younger, it is because I am showing you a video we filmed in 2018 when Qiang and I were in San Cristobal.

San Cristobal is a great place to retire in Mexico if you like cooler mountain weather.

I will update some living costs first and then replay a walking tour we created a few years ago.

You can still find local-style apartments in and around San Cristobal for around 7000 Pesos ($350 USD) per month. Here is my sample budget for one month for one person if I were to retire in San Cristobal today.

Apartment $350

Utilities $100

Groceries $400

SIM Card $25

Buses $20

Taxis $20

Entertain $150

Total $1065

For a second person, it would cost me another $200 to $300 per month.  

Of course, you would need to do an exploratory visit with boots on the ground before you would know whether or not you would be able to Retire Early $1065 USD Month in San Cristobal Mexico.  We all have different living styles and needs.

We did four other videos when we were in San Cristobal during 2018 that you can also watch if the mood strikes. Click any of the below videos to start watching.

Chamula Day Tour from San Cristobal

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San Cristobal Nightlife Tour

Here are the links to all of the data we collected when we were last in San Cristobal.

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Now I will continue my video and audio from San Cristobal in 2018. If you enjoy these cost of living updates and video flash-backs, be sure to let me know in the comments. Okay, here it goes!

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