Retire Early 924 USD Month in Arequipa Peru

This is my Retire Early 924 USD Month in Arequipa Peru for 2 people, including rent, utilities, food, and local transportation.

Recently, we have been ranking Arequipa Peru as one of the best places to retire cheap in the world. So I am updating and discussing my retire cheap data for Arequipa in this video while I show you pictures of our last visit there. Here is breakdown of our Early 924 USD Month in Arequipa Peru.

I was last in Arequipa in July 2018. My cost of living table showed (link provided) a range of possible living costs of about $500 to $1488 USD for the big three–rent, food, and local transportation. That was my estimate range for one person.

I will now discuss some adjustments to the cost of the living range that I think some people may be able to make. After I have discussed each living cost item, I will discuss how I get to the monthly total at the end.

There is no reason to take notes. If you listen to the end, I will tell you how to get a written copy of Early 924 USD Month in Arequipa Peru.

Rent Estimate Update

In my previous table (link provided), the rent was quoted in the table as $28 USD per month for a 1 bedroom apartment. We found the place at the last minute on Airbnb and actually stayed there. That rate included utilities and the Internet. The $28 USD per night multiplied by 30 days is $840 USD per month.

But since that was an Airbnb apartment charging nightly, you should be able to easily beat that monthly rate by getting a 6 or 12-month lease. Here is an example luxury 3 bedroom 3 bathroom that you can rent for about $450 USD. Your utilities with the Internet would be about $75 USD. It is right in the colonial-era city center so you could walk everywhere. Here s a photo in case the listing rents before you see this.

If you add $450 rent and $75 USD utilities, you would pay about $525 for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, instead of $840 USD for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath.

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Food Estimate Update

I checked our expense table and we spent about $23 USD per day on groceries and restaurants. That is for 2 people, one meal per day at home, and two meals per day in restaurants. If we cooked ate 4 meals per week in restaurants and all other meals at home, we estimate about $10 USD per day for 2 people. That would be about $300 per month for food.

Whereas in the previous estimate table for one, not two people (link provided) we estimated 8 high-end meals per month at $8 USD per person, and 48 neighborhood restaurant meals per month at $4 per person, and 4 food carts per month at $1 USD per person. That comes to a total of $292 per month for one person.

So we estimated $580 per month for one person and this update is $300 per month for two people for food.

So the food would need to be adjusted up by about $8 per month but that is for two people instead of just one. Almost all of that savings would be achieved by buying groceries and cooking at home. Did you know has retire cheap in paradise living costs and information for over 50 locations in the world? Next, I will talk about local transportation costs.

Local Transportation Update

In our table (link provided) we estimated 20 Uber rides and 8 Metro rides per month totaling $56 for one person per month. But we actually spent at the rate of about $3.30 per day for two people. So there would also need to be an upward adjustment of about $43 per month but that would be for two people instead of one.

Total Big Three

So the total for the big three, rent (including utilities), food, and local transportation for 2 people as compared to our estimates for one person is as follows.

Item/Per month 2 people, 6 month lease 1 person short term
Rent (include utilities) $525 (3 Br, 3 Ba) $840 (1 Br, 1 Ba)
Food $300 $292
Local Transportation $99 $56
Total $924 $1188.00

This updated estimate only includes the big three–rent, food, and local transportation. For a full estimate of what it would cost you to live in Arequipa, stop by Numbeo (link provided) and add anything you spend money on at home that is not in the table. But that would still just be an estimate. So never move anywhere until you have done an in-person site visit to verify what it would cost you to live there.

Temporary Coronavirus Market

I check online and the market is much lower for Airbnb temporary rentals during the coronavirus. Here is an example of a 1 Bedroom apartments Airbnb that you can get for a full month for $444 USD including all utilities, high-speed WIFI, and Airbnb fees, for the month of August 2020. I have included a picture of the quote so you can verify the amount. This is inside the central area so you can walk everywhere.

Since we don’t know how long prices will stay low, I am not using the temporary low coronavirus price in my updated estimate above. But if you can take advantage of the reduced precise, go for it.

To get a written copy of this information, just click the More Information link in the notes below this video. While at the more information link, get a free my free copy of my eBook, “How I Fired My Boss and Traveled the World for 13 Years.”

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for Vagabond Buddha. Thanks for stopping by our Retire Early 924 USD Month in Arequipa Peru.

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