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Best Retire Cheap in Paradise Locations in the World

This post describes how you may be able to retire on 1000 USD Month in Vung Tau Vietnam.

However, I have created 50+ retire-cheap reports worldwide.  

This is Dan from Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for  Since I left the USA in 2007, I have documented the best retire-cheap in paradise locations.  

According to the US Government, 21% of retired married people and 43% of retired unmarried people, rely on social security for 90% of their retirement income.   

With the average social security check of less than $1400 month, it is not surprising that many Americans are moving to lower cost of living destinations around the world.

The surprising thing is how happy retired American Expats are that I meet in my travels.  If it wasn’t for my family still living in the USA, I don’t think I would even visit the USA more than once every 5 years or so.    

The USA just seems too focused on consumption and not enough focus on lifestyle.  After visiting or living in 65 countries so far, I kind of know what I am talking about.    

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Vung Tau Cost of Living  

Expense Cost Low Medium High
Airbnb/per month rate $20.00 0 14 30
Studio Apt (Gary’s) $10.00 0 12 0
Hostel/per day $6.00 30 3 0
High-End Restaurant $10.00 1 4 8
Neighborhood Restaurant $2.50 30 44 48
Food Cart $1.25 30 12 4
Subway/Train/Metro $0.00 20 26 8
Bus $0.00 20 10 0
Grab $2.75 6 10 20
Total Per Month $319.00 $610.50 $860.00
Total Per Day $10.63 $20.35 $28.67

This estimated cost of living for one month, for one person as a temporary visitor. It only includes rent, 2 meals per day, and local transportation. I usually have oatmeal for breakfast in my room, so I don’t count that.  For a full understanding of what it would cost you to live here, visit Vung Tau and add any items you spend money on. 

Never move anywhere until you have visited first personally to verify the living costs for your lifestyle and needs. I am not guaranteeing these prices. These are just my notes and estimates from the time of my visit and this post. Your costs will likely be drastically different depending on lifestyle and the time since this post.

The above numbers are for one person and do not include alcohol, tours, or extras.  Here is a free report explaining, “How The Cost of Living Table Works.” 

If you buy anything using our links such as flights, tours, or accommodations, you will pay nothing extra, but we will earn a small commission.  Your kindness will encourage us to keep making these travel guides and videos. 

Vung Tau Livability Factors

You should consider your own personal livability factors before deciding whether you should visit to verify whether or not you can retire on 1000 USD Month in Vung Tau, Vietnam, based upon your lifestyle and needs.  

Here are my livability factors.   

Walkability:  High. If you live on the southern tip of the peninsula like I would, Vung Tau would be totally walkable. 

Internet:  High. The Internet is great in Vung Tau unless you are one of many people on a shared WIFI router.  That shouldn’t be a problem if you get your own router.  

Food:  Medium.  Vietnamese food is abundant and cheap.   But since Vung Tau is more of a Vietnamese weekend getaway location, there doesn’t seem to be as much international money chasing international food diversity.  The fish food is also abundant. One of our favorite vegan restaurants in all of Vietnam is located in Vung Tau. See our restaurant list below.  

Weather:  High. Average highs (days) range seasonally from a low of 87F/31C in December to a high of 94F/35C in April.  Average lows (nights) range seasonally from a low of 70F/21C in January to a high of 78F/26C in April. The rainy season is May through October when at least some rain falls in 18 or more days of the month. 

Things to Do:  Medium. Fishing, swimming, running, exercise, shopping, fine dining, day markets, night markets, chilling at home, dance classes, yoga, cooking classes, bicycling, boating, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, bar hopping, trips to surrounding cities, and restaurant exploration.  

Social Considerations:  Medium. You will see a bunch of retirement age white guys hangout, chatting, playing cards, drinking beer, and flirting with bar girls in Vung Tau.  I hear mostly Australian accents, but there are other accents floating about. There are also some Russian locals and tourists about but not as many as you will find in places like Nha Trang.  Most of the tourists you see here seem to be Vietnamese visiting here on the weekends. You may be able to find people that love what you love to do for fun. Just Google and see what you get and ask on the below Expat Facebook pages.  You will need to pick up some Vietnamese language if you want to feel fully integrated here. I would suggest picking up some local language no matter where you are in the non-English speaking world.  

Expats: Medium.  There are four Facebook groups for Vung Tau Expats groups on Facebook. These are great places to ask silly questions like can I get my Almond Joy candy bar in Vietnam?  You can start asking questions on these Facebook pages before you make a final decision of whether or not to do a site visit here. Facebook 1Facebook 2Facebook 3.  Facebook 4

Medical:  Medium. I have been to the FV Hospital in Saigon before and my trust level is high.  Here is an article about the local healthcare and dental options in Vung Tau.  You should also ask around on the Expat Facebook pages before you have an Emergency.  

Visa Requirements:  High. The Americans we met living in Vietnam don’t bother to get retirement Visas.  They just get a new one-year visa every year. There are companies that will pick you up at your house and take you to the border once a year to exit Vietnam and re-enter for another one year visa. You have to fill out paperwork and attached a photo. The cost is $75 including bus ride, lunch, and the new visa stamp.  Other countries can only get a 3-month visa, so they have to do 4 visa runs per year, at $75 each. We got a 3-month visa online using the following process described here by Qiang Hui of  

Real Estate:  High. I do not recommend buying real estate in Vietnam.  Just rent for cheap and hand the keys back to the landlord when you are ready for your next experience.  Rents are cheap and you don’t have to worry about complicated laws you don’t fully understand. Some of the websites promoting real estate ownership for foreign retirees have a conflict of interest when they promote this concept.  Drop the idea that you need to own where you live. Why call a plumber you don’t know how to talk to and pay above-market rates? Call the landlord when something needs fixing. Let them call the plumber and pay local rates. Keep your real estate in your home country or buy somewhere with hundreds of years of understandable unchanging property laws that allow foreigners to buy and sell easily.  

Banking:  Medium. Don’t wire large amounts of money into a foreign bank in Vietnam or anywhere else.  Just get cash at the ATM as needed or transfer what you will need for the next 60 days into a local bank.  If you are tired of paying ATM fees, open a Charles Schwab account and get ATM fees reimbursed.  Try your best to not retire anywhere that requires you to make large deposits in local banks.  Just get long term tourist visas when possible.    

Pollution: Medium.  Visually, the air quality appeared and smelled fine to us.  However, we read online that the air quality was moderate when we were here.  You will see garbage strewn about as in other parts of SE Asia.  Do not drink tap water.  

Vung Tau Desirability Score:  Medium. Despite so many positive aspects of living in Vung Tau, I would not seriously consider retiring here.  It is just a bit small for taste. I like a bigger place with more going on. That said, if I was still working and I needed to make visits to Saigon on business a 2 to 4 times per month, for a few days each visit, I would live here and commute to Saigon.  Right now my favorite destinations in Vietnam are Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, and Phu Quoc. Subscribe for my final rating of the best places to live in Vietnam which should be published within a month of so.  

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Best Area to Stay in Vung Tau

Here are a few suggestions:

Hostel:    Location and ratings.  

Where we stayed:  Beautiful, clean, cheap. Great area.  The wifi worked great. Hot showers, balcony, minifridge, water boiler, great AC.  Cool dog. In a great area. Cheap western minimart at the end of the street.   

Highly Rated Step Above: This one is more suitable if you love the comfort and are willing to spend a little more.  

Airbnb: If we returned for a month, we would want a kitchen.  At the time of this writing, we would make offers in this neighborhood for $15 per night here for a 30-day rental.  If you are new to Airbnb use this code at checkout to get a big discount.  Stay in an Airbnb to verify whether or not you could retire on 1000 USD Month Vung Tau Vietnam.  

Cheapest Flights to Vung Tau

We almost always get our cheapest flights on this Skyscanner.  They have a web crawler that is constantly looking for the cheapest prices all over the world.  As usual we found the cheapest flight to Vung Tau on Skyscanner.   

We took a luxury minivan from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau.  It took about 2.5 hours and cost about $7 USD. The regular bus from Saigon to Vung Tau is about $8 USD and the Ferry is about $9 USD.  The faster ferry is about $25 USD.  

Vung Tau Vietnam Must See Tour

Watch the above video of the 7 things you must see Vung Tau Vietnam.    

Vung Tau Day Market: Best to visit the largest traditional market in Vung Tau before 10AM.  

White Palace:  The mansion of the former governor from French colonial times lived here, Mr Paul Doumer.  He later became the president of France.  

Vung Tau Lighthouse: This lighthouse was first built in 1907 on an adjacent smaller mountain.  In 1911, it was enlarged to 18 meters high and moved to its present higher mountain. The light can be seen from 35 nautical miles at sea.  

Christ the King:  This 30-meter figure of Jesus is on the small mountain was completed in 1972.  A spiral staircase goes up the middle of Jesus and you can walk out onto the arms providing a panoramic view of the surroundings.  It costs 5k dong to park and sometimes they stop people from climbing up inside Jesus if their shorts are too short. Don’t use the road to hike up to Jesus.  Enter at the seaside and climb the stairs here.  

Vung Tau  Night Market: I recommend skipping the video night market and visiting the local night market where Qiang Hui got her BBQ Octopus here.  The one I am recommending skipping is the last stop on the Google Map below.  

If the above video looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below Google Map and start walking.  

These videos are meant to get you interested in the possibility that you may be able to retire on 1000 USD Month in Vung Tau Vietnam. 

Best Beaches in Vung Tau Vietnam

Front Beach (Bãi Trước): 

Back Beach (Bãi Sau) 

Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua):

Mulberry Beach (Bãi Dâu): 

If the above video looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below Google Map and ride your scooter on this best beaches in Vung Tau tour   The scooter cost 120k dong, $5 USD day. We rented our scooter from our accommodations.  See where we stayed in the best area to stay above.  

Vung Tau Vietnam Nightlife Walking Tour

Here is a Nightlife walking tour of Vung Tau Vietnam. 

Matildas Vung Tau: 

Office Bar: 

Ned Kelly Bar: 

Cask Bar: 

Beer Club Vitamin C2: 

Black Pearl Bar: 

If the video of our tour looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below interactive Google Map on your smartphone and enjoy the tour yourself.  This may help you determine if you would be able to retire on 1000 USD Month in Vung Tau Vietnam. 

Digital Nomads Vung Tau Life and Food Experiences 

We only list restaurants here if we loved them.  

Very Favorite Restaurant (Ẩm Thực Chay & Coffee 3D LIÊN HOA):  Vegan, clean, beautiful, and cheap.  Big fat salads for $2 to $3 dollars, Pho for $1.05 USD.  

Second Favorite Restaurant (Quán Cơm Chay Thuận Duyên):  Vegan.  $2.10 for 2 rice dishes with veggies and fake meats.  Not as clean looking but so, so, delicious. We went back and ate again and it was as good the second time.  When meals are one dollar they just taste better for some reason. Go here for sure on the day you visit the main market in the Must See Vung Tau Tour.  

Cỏ Mây Vegetarian Restaurant: Vegan, clean and beautiful.  $4.50 for salad and Pho dish. Nice for variety but no match for our two favorites above.  

Vegan Food Cart 1 (Com Chay): It is not on Google Maps, but it seems to be next door to this link

Vegan Food Cart 2 (Tịnh Quang Chay):  25,000 Dong ($1.05 USD) for veggie, rice, tofu dish.  

Outdoor Octopus BBQ (Fish Market):   People buy fish and have it cooked in this outdoor market and eat it in the park along the waterfront at “Front Beach.”  Qiang Hui got BBQ Octopus for $6 USD. 

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen:  The vegan restaurants have been all over Vietnam plus they are cheap.  So I haven’t cooked many meals while touring Vietnam for the last 3 months.  The food and life video will give some insight into what it would be like to Retire on 1000 USD Month in Vung Tau Vietnam.  

Grab a free copy of my Ebook.  

Vung Tau Facts and History

Here are some interesting facts about Vung Tau, Vietnam. 

What we call Vung Tau (means anchor in English) was a swamp where Europeans anchored in the 14th and 15th centuries.  

Emperor Gia Long sent the military here in the late 18th century to run off Malay pirates that were disrupting early Vietnamese dynasty international trade.  

In 1859, the Nguyen Dynasty cannons first fired on French battleships from Vung Tau.  This was the beginning of a long-fought battle with the French that ended in the colonial rule of Vietnam.  

During the colonial rule of Vietnam (renamed Cochinchina), the French labeled Vung Tau as Cap Saint James.  

The governor of the French colony of Cochinchina built a beautiful white mansion in Vung Tau that is still a favorite tourist attraction in the area.   

During the Vietnam War, Vung Tau functioned as a rest and relaxation for US, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers stationed in Vietnam.  

When America lost the Vietnam War, Vung Tau was a launching point for many of the boat people that left Vietnam.  Some were allowed to live in other countries like the USA and Europe but many poor Vietnamese that could not afford sturdy boats perished at sea.  

Today, oil and natural gas exploitation dominate the cities income sources.  Ship building and weekend tourism from Saigon also play an important role. 

The dominant religion in Vung Tau is Mahayana Buddhism.  It was brought to Vung Tau by the north Vietnamese in the 17th century.  Before that the Khmer people practiced Theravada Buddhism.  

The Christ Statue in Vung Tau was built by the Catholic community of Vung Tau.  

Final Thoughts

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