Retired Early on White Sand Beach for $800 Month

In this telephone interview, an expat explains how he Retired Early on White Sand Beach for $800 Month in Brazil. Ed explains how he retired in a city with everything he needs including a white sand beach. He also agreed to guest star on my channel today.

Here is the monthly budget he discussed in our phone call.

Rent $350
Smart Phone $10
Electricity $30
Gas $8
Groceries $200
Restaurants $30
Internet 200MB $20
Total $648

Ed moved to Brazil to marry a beautiful woman about 20 years ago.

Ed lives in Cabo Frio about 2 hours east of Rio de Janeiro.

Here is the map of where Cabo Frio is located.

Make sure to watch the above video for all of Ed’s thoughts about living in Cabo Frio.

Here is Ed’s Youtube Channel:

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