Running Meditations

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Running Meditations:  If you listen to people who know the freedom that they are not only their mind, you may find freedom.  I listen to others who are in this freedom while I run. This is my purposeful running meditations. It gives me a nice start for awareness while I run. I often listen to others describing this distinction while I run. I awake in awareness and then run in awareness. It gives me a momentum of consciousness for my day that I call living awareness. Plus, the run serves as my living gratefulness for the healthy gift of a vessel for consciousness my body represents. When I run, I enjoy listening to others, such as Mooji, Papa JiEckhart Tolle. It reminds me I am not alone in the awareness. There are others alive in awareness who enjoy this distinction with me. My awareness dances in their words. I am not alone. They know me.

I have been this freedom for decades.  It has been the most significant distinction of my life.  I enjoy listening to and sharing words that evoke it.

Decades later, in vivid details of texture and color, I am able to experience as if now, the moment this distinction of freedom first washed over me.  It is the joy of being. I am.

Distinctions between an unawareness of a belief that ‘you are your mind’ and ‘the joy of being’ come to me while I run.  I call them running meditations.  If they excite me I push the record button on my smartphone.  I have posted them here so you can listen. If you know this distinction, please say hello.

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This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. Thanks for being here with me. I love we.

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