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The below videos were recorded in order.  Scroll down.

Running Meditations:  If you listen to people who know the freedom that they are not only their mind, you may find freedom.  I listen to others who are in this freedom while I run. This is my purposeful running meditations. It gives me a nice start for awareness while I run. I often listen to others describing this distinction while I run. I awake in awareness and then run in awareness. It gives me a momentum of consciousness for my day that I call living awareness. Plus, the run serves as my living gratefulness for the healthy gift of a vessel for consciousness my body represents. When I run, I enjoy listening to others, such as Mooji, Papa JiEckhart Tolle, Werner Erhard, Alan Watts, and The Buddha. It reminds me I am not alone in the awareness. There are others alive in awareness who enjoy this distinction with me. My awareness dances in their words. I am not alone. They know me. Feel free to let me know of anyone that you find compelling on this topic.

I have been this freedom for decades.  It has been the most significant distinction of my life.  I enjoy listening to and sharing words that evoke it.

Decades later, in vivid details of texture and color, I am able to experience as if now, the moment this distinction of freedom first washed over me.  It is the joy of being. I am.

Distinctions between an unawareness of a belief that ‘you are your mind’ and ‘the joy of being’ come to me while I run.  I call them running meditations.  If they excite me I push the record button on my smartphone.  I have posted them here so you can listen. If you know this distinction, please say hello.

In terms of time, the videos below are arranged from the oldest videos on top all the way down to the most recent videos as you reach the bottom.

Here are my recorded running meditation videos:

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Post Enlightenment: Now what?

Helping Good Friends find enlightenment:

The difference between a guru and a teacher:

Living in Meditation:

Are you living in your mind or your life:

Parent-child consciousness in religion:

Methodologies for enlightenment:

Running meditation:

Awareness of tricks your mind plays:

Which bus do I take to enlightenment:

Present to everything without boundaries:

The only thing between you and infinite joy:

Surrender and awakened by grace:

Most of the videos posted below are on our new Youtube Channel dedicated purely to this subject area.  Please listen and subscribe at our Vagabond Buddha Youtube Channel to get our future videos on present moment awareness. Here are the posts on the new channel:

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Evolution of human consciousness:

Enlightenment without changing beliefs:

Noisy mind awareness:

Your mind is a fish in an ocean of awareness:

Transformational communications from awareness:

The wisdom of a silent mind:

Pain is caused by belief in separation from god:

Making better decisions from present moment awareness:

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Living in flow consciousness:

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Conscious solution includes everything:

Manifesting infinite power:

Let go and Be:

This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. Thanks for being here.

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