Tour of the beaches in Oaxaca Mexico

This is our video tour of the beaches in Oaxaca Mexico.

This week, we are reporting on the beaches of Oaxaca Mexico. This tour includes the beaches around Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. In a few weeks, we will provide a tour of the beaches further south and east of here.

Here is a Google Map of the beaches we show you in the above video today.

The map includes a tour of the beaches in geographical order. Below the map are links to the individual beaches. The video doesn’t follow the exact order of the map but the video names each beach when we show you the video. The word “playa” means beach in Spanish.

Play Punta: La Punta is sort of a hippie beach community about 2 km from Playa Zicatela. The waves are almost as good here as in Zicatela, but better for learning to surf since the waves are smaller.

Playa Zicatela: This is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. This is a very rough and tumble beach because of the large surfing waves. So it can be very dangerous for swimming. This is a favorite spot to watch the sunset while you watch surfers. There is also a whole row of restaurants facing the sunset where you can have a drink while you watch the sunset. This is a tourist area.

Playa Principal: This is the oldest occupied beach in Puerto Escondido. As such, it is home to a strong fishing community. There are fishing boats here along with fish restaurants. Just half a block away from the beach towards town is also a night market with restaurants, cocktails, and shopping. It is a lovely place to spend the evening. The surf is not typically as strong here so you can swim.

Playa Manzanillo: This is a quiet little cove with a protected beach so it is better for swimming and snorkeling. There are a few restaurants here but they are a bit overpriced. It is a public beach so you don’t have to rent a lounge chair, you can just sit on your towel on the sand. But there isn’t much shade to wear your sunblock.

Playa Angelito: You can see Playa Angelito from Playa Manzanillo. Manzanillo is a little more picturesque and Angelito is a little more like a tiny village beach in Mexico with fishing boats and authentic Mexican restaurants. Just check out both and pick the one that feels right for you. There is just a short walk between them. If you like fresh Oysters, try the restaurant built into the cliffs of Angelito furthest from Manzanillo.

Playa Carrizalillo: The is another romantic beach with a surf not too crazy to swim and snorkel. There is an amazing view from the top of the stairs you must walk down to get to the beach. There are restaurants along the back where you can rent lounge chairs for about 200 pesos for the day, but the sand is free so bring a towel to sit on. There are tables behind the lounge chairs where you can sit for free if you eat their food and drink.

Playa Coral: This beach is to the left about 300 meters when you face the ocean at Playa Bacocho. It is easiest to get here from Playa Bacocho. This beach is a little further from town so you should probably take a taxi here. But it is very beautiful and you will have more space and privacy around you especially during high season.

Playa Bacocho: Like Playa Coral, this is a wide-open beach with lots of space to spread out and enjoy semi-privacy. Playa Bacocho is also where you can go around 5pm in the evenings to release a baby turtle into the ocean. It costs 100 pesos and the money goes towards turtle preservation. They are in danger because of increased water temperatures. Also at Bacpcho beach is Villa Sol. Villa Sol is a beach club where you pay a fee of 200 pesos ($10) before 4pm and 100 Pesos ($5) after 4pm. The cool thing is that the fee can be used to buy drinks and food. This is a great place to people watch, swim in their pool, and watch the sunset. The snack food there is okay but the restaurant food is out of this world. Easily one of the top restaurants in PE.

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