Where can you travel right now

In this report we answer the question, what countries can you travel to right now?

During this time of Coronavirus, there are a number of issues you need to think about before deciding what countries you can travel to right now.

First, what countries allow citizens from your country to enter at this moment. This can change every day. Second, what are the requirements you must satisfy (1) to board a flight heading to that country, and (2) to gain entry through immigration once you land in that country? Third, what are the safety conditions on the ground in that country at this moment?

I will give you links to these resources after I demonstrate how to use them.

First, I will show you how the Kayak Tool that Qiang found will help us answer the first two questions. Then I will show you another tool at the end of this video that will help you determine the safety issues on the ground in that country.

Here is the Kayak COVID-19 Travel Resource:

Think of this tool as an initial look at possibilities. But once you settle on a country make sure to verify the Kayak data by visiting the embassy web page for that country.

After you determine the availability and requirements of entering your desired countries, you should visit the US State Department web page to read about any safety concerns for that area of the world. Here is the link for the below web page.

Some countries like Mexico are broken down into regions with some regions having different color codings than others indicating different safety considerations. If that is the case, make sure to zoom in on the maps and insect the area you are considering. Make sure to also read all of the warnings issued by the US State Department for that country. Here is the link for the below web page.

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