Why we are happy to be in the Philippines during the Corona virus

In this report, we discuss why we are happy to be in the Philippines during the Coronavirus.  We even give you our top 10 reasons. 

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Now we will discuss “Why we are happy to be in the Philippines during Coronavirus.”  We will cover as a countdown so the tops 3 will be towards the end.  There is no need to take notes.   I will provide you with a link to my written notes towards the end of this video.     

One.  The death rate per million citizens in the Philippines is very low as compared to other countries.  The Philippines have 109 million people and only 2115 deaths so far.  The USA has 159,000 death with 329 million people.  So the Philippines has about 2 deaths per 100,000 population, whereas the USA has 48 deaths per 100,000 population.    

Two.  Cost of ĺiving.  I can live in the Philippines for around $1200 USD per month for 2 people.  Whereas in the USA, my budget for a similar standard of living could be three times as much.  

Three.  Aggressive containment.  There has been an early aggressive national-level plan executed in the Philippines with relatively clear directions about how to reduce the virus spread.  Places like the USA still have no national-level plans to reduce the virus spread.  

Four.  No Hassle Renewable Visa.  The tourist Visa is renewable monthly for up to 36 months for about $25 month so we don’t have to worry about visa runs or trying to fly to another country when no flights have been fairly priced or reliable.  

Five.  Polite government employees.  The immigration officials in the Philippines have been helpful and polite to us when we renew our tourist visa.  Whereas, when I enter my home country every year or so to visit family and friends, the immigration officials question me for a few minutes seeming to imply that it is beyond believability that any true American could possibly survive so long outside the “greatest country in the world.”  

Six.  Availability and Variety of Foods.  We can get groceries delivered to our homes here in the Philippines or we can go to any number of various grocery stores and local markets to get almost anything we need here in the Philippines.  Many of the restaurants also have takeout food that can also be delivered to your home by Food Panda. 

Seven.  Advanced Notice When Lockdown Rules Change.  We receive advanced notice from the government officials about a week or more in advance anytime they change the at-home quarantine rules.  They are posted online so we can read them and prepare for any changes in advance.  

Eight.  Less politics involved in managing the crisis.  The government and health officials seem to be focused on keeping people safe here rather than trying to make their opposing political party look bad for political gain.  If that is happening here we don’t see it.  

Nine.  The national leaders here in the Philippines seem to focus more on public safety than find out who is to blame from the other countries or political parties.  The buck stops at the top here and there is little need to point the finger elsewhere for blam.  Public safety is placed above political positioning.  

Ten.  There is no government attempt here to blame the ex-pats or foreigners for causing the pandemic.  Whereas in Thailand the government is telling all tourists they must be out of the country by a certain date even though there are very few if any planes, buses, or trains leaving the country.   

Eleven.  Most Coronavirus cases are in two cities in the Philippines, Cebu, and Manila, instead of spreading all over the country and growing like weeds as is the case in the USA and Brazil.  

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