Why we are leaving the Philippines

In this report, I will explain why we are leaving the Philippines.  

We arrived in the Philippines 6 months ago.  On this trip to the Philippines, we explored the following places.  

On the island of Palawan, we spent over a month in El Nido, a week in Coron, and a few days in Puerto Princesa.  Wow, that place is amazing.  

On the big island of Luzon, we spent 3 weeks in Makati, 1 week in Tagaytay, 3 weeks in Angles City, 1 week in Subic Bay, a few days in the 1000 islands area, over a month in Baguio, 1 week in La Union, and 1 week in Vigan.  

We finished up with 1 week in Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro.  

We have really loved this trip to the Philippines and we feel super lucky to have experienced so much time exploring all of our favorite places in the Philippines, clearly one of our favorite countries in the world.  Just by watching, you have made all of this possible for us.  

We will be forever grateful to you.  But now it is time for us to leave the Philippines at least for now.  

You see, I slow travel all around the world and I report on the best places to retire cheap in paradise.  The truth is, the Philippines is one of the top places in the world to retire cheap in paradise.  So, we return to the Philippines often to show you all of the beautiful places where you can live for cheap.  

But the Philippines is not the only country where people retire cheap in paradise.  The truth is, there are other countries all over the world that fit this definition nicely and we intend to continue to explore all of them and report our favorites to you as we explore them.  

All of our reports are with our feet on the ground.  We take you with us so you can see it with your own eyes. 

I already have posted retire cheap reports for Latin America including Mexico, Central America, and South America, SE Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and Europe including Spain and Portugal.  

We are slow travelers.  That means we slowly travel all over the world and share our favorite places to live or retire cheap in paradise.  One day, we will probably pick our favorite place in the world and settle down for 6 months each year, and travel the rest of the year.  But for now, we are still enjoying exploring the world without maintaining an empty bed anywhere in the world.  

We just buy one-way tickets and keep moving forward.  

We will continue to travel and report on other parts of the world such as Turkey, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, Greece, and Italy, along with more of Indonesia and the Philippines.   The world is our oyster and you make it all possible.  Thank you so much.  

In fact, this was my third trip to the Philippines.  My first trip was back in 2009 when I visited Boracay and Cebu.  That was before I knew Qiang.  That is Qiang in all of the photos with me.  

On my second trip in 2020, Qiang and I visited Davao and Cagayan De Oro on the big island furthest south called Mindanao.  We also spent a week or more on Camiguin Island, Boho Island, Panglao, and 7 months in Dumaguete.  While in Dumaguete, we also toured some of our other favorite places like Siquijor Island and Apo Island.  In fact, we were locked down in Dumaguete for the first 6 months of the Coronavirus.  

We will be back next year to visit 10 more great places in the Philippines before we will have a more complete understanding of all of the great places to retire cheap in the Philippines.  But you won’t have to wait to know what our preset favorites are in the Philippines.  

We have a video coming out next week in which Qiang and I will each share our present top 5 places to retire cheap in the Philippines if we settled down today.  So make sure to subscribe and ring the bell so you will know when we publish that video.  That video will include only our favorite 5 of the 20 places we have lived in the Philippines so far.  

So you may be wondering since we have 10 more places we need to explore in the Philippines before we have complete knowledge of the Philippines, why are we leaving the Philippines now?  Why not finish now instead of wasting a plane ticket flying away and then just returning next year?  

The answer to that is family.  We both have families we want to visit.  First, Qiang has a new child being born in the family and she wants to meet her.  Also, we will be spending time with Qiang’s family for the Chinese New Year in early 2023.  

Second, my little sister is turning 60 and she is throwing a party in Scotland that we need to attend. The whole family and a bunch of friends will be renting 15 large boats and floating around the lochs in Scotland for a week.  This will be the first time many of us have seen each other since the start of the pandemic so this is something we can’t miss.  

Finally, while we are in Malaysia visiting Qiang’s family, we are going to sneak over to Borneo Malaysia and explore Sarawak and Sabah Malaysia.  Qiang has never been to that part of Malaysia and we want to be able to write retire cheap reports for that part of Malaysia.  So if you know anyone that has retired in that part of Malaysia, please have them contact us so we can interview them about living there. 

Before we come back to explore the Philippines in 2023, we will also stop by Bali Indonesia and update our cost of living to report about Bali along with seeing some old friends living there.  

So we are leaving the Philippines because we are slow travelers and we intend to continue blazing the path in front of you and continue to report on all the best places we find to retire cheap in the world.  As always, we also plan on continuing to compare and contrast the various places around the world and share the pros and cons of living or retiring in each of them.   

So, that is why we are leaving the Philippines for now.  So if any of this reporting sounds interesting to you please make sure to like, comment, and subscribe (and ring the bell) so you will know when we post more information about the next places in the world to retire cheap in paradise.  

Thanks for watching our report, “Why we are leaving the Philippines.”   

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