Why we left Costa Rica

In this report, we discuss why we left Costa Rica.

In the above video, we cover the pros and cons of living in Costa Rica.

Why We Left Costa Rica

We would not retire in Costa Rica. It was not our cup of tea. We spent 280 consecutive days in Central America in 2021. Here is our report and video discussing the Best Places to Retire in Central America.

But in this report, we will focus on the pros and cons of living in Costa Rica. But if you would like to watch our videos on the 4 major areas we visited in Costa Rica during our 281-day tour of Central America watch or Costa Rica Youtube Playlist.

Here are the written reports for the 4 areas we gathered data about for our possible retirement in Costa Rica.  

Pros and Cons of Living in Costa Rica


The cost of living is higher in Costa Rica than in most of Central America

Costa Rica was too Americanzed for us.

Food is too Expensive

Rents are too high in Costa Rica

Everything seems more expensive in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is gringo landia.

Poor Walkability: You need a car to live in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not more beautiful than many parts of Central America


The healthcare is decent and the health insurance is affordable

To get a retirement visa in Costa Rica you only need about $1000 retirement income

Costa Rica is an easy country for beginners learning to live in a foreign country

Costa Rica is more like your home country than many other Central American countries.

If you have about $4000 per month income, you can get a life in Costa Rica that would cost you $6-$8,000 to live in Southern California or Florida.

Where we would live in Costa Rica (if we had to):


Culture: For culture, I would live in Quepos or San Jose, Costa Rica.

Beaches: Quepos

Local Foods: Quepos or Sam Jose.

Beaches: Quepos: The beach near the entrance to Manuel Antonio.

Qiang: For local foods and culture Qiang would live in San Jose.

But since the cons greatly outweigh the pros for us, we would not consider retiring in Costa Rica.

Thanks for reviewing our report, why we left Costa Rica.

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