7 Must-Know Tips Before Retiring Abroad

In this report, I discuss 7 Must-Know Tips Before Retiring Abroad

The above video discusses the following questions in more detail.

Subscriber Mike asks, “I have some primary considerations before traveling.”

7 Must-Know Tips Before Retiring Abroad

Money: do you use a US-based bank card or arrive in a country and use local currency?

Two Banks: Each with and ATM and credit card: Keep separate

Before leaving the USA:

SMS Texts and Banking Apps Before Departure

Once you leave: Pull Local Money at ATMs

Have Cash Back Up

More Details on Money:

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Clothing: shorts vs pants; shoes vs sandals; bug repellent?

1 Cargo shorts

1 Jeans

1 Swimsuit

5-7 Tshirts

5-7 socks

5-7 underwear

Running Shoes

Flip Flops

Long sleeve shirt:

Waterproof windbreaker

1-2 dress/date shirts


Bug repellant

Shampoo, etc.

Double bag liquids

Technology: Laptop (Tablet), Smartphone, recharger, Camera?

Mosquito Net.

More Details:

How to pack a suitcase (Youtube)

How to reduce the chances of Malaria and Dengue

Luggage: backpack only and travel light? Or is a suitcase required?

1 checked 22kg 50 pounds, 1 carryon 7kg, 15 pounds.

Round trip or one-way Tickets: ls it better to leave USA and return or go country to country for a period?

Buy one-way tickets

Buy onward flight for boarding and clearing customs

Save (digital) copies of tickets, onward flights, and book accommodations for boarding and immigration.

More details: Slow Travel Tips–13 years of experience

Passport/papers: is my passport all I need to get around and should I safeguard it in some way when traveling?

Passport (copy in cloud and phone)

Drivers License (renting cars)

Medical: I have hearing aids and require 2 generic medications for arthritis and cholesterol, typically a 30-day prescription. Should I bring those with me or can they be found internationally?

Bring 30 day supply

Carry prescription to prove not street drugs

Double-check local laws.

Facebook groups

More details:

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Do not retire internationally if

Covid/Vaccine: I have already had covid. Should I wait until this all settles down or just keep a mask on and go for it?

Keep a mask on

Wait for vaccine

Why are Qiang and I traveling during coronavirus? Are we setting a bad example?

Because Qiang can’t go to the USA, I can’t to Malaysia, but we can both be in Mexico and we love Mexico!

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