800 Month USD Cost to Live in Philippines

Today I interview Calvin who is spending 800 Month USD Cost to Live in Philippines. To listen to the interview, watch the below video.

Part 1 of Telephone Interview with Calvin

Part 2 is towards the bottom of this post. 

Calvin and I are social distancing in our homes in the Philippines, so I will show you videos of some of my favorite spots in the Philippines while Calvin and I discuss his cost of living and life in the Philippines.

Here is part 2 of my recorded phone interview.  The interview notes are below part 2.

Part 2 of Telephone Interview with Calvin

My Telephone Interview Notes:

Calvin: 800 Month USD Cost to Live in Philippines

Living 2 Years in the Philippines

Social Distancing in San Carlos, 4 hours North of Dumaguete

San Carlos: Second Cleanest City in the Philippines

  1. Old: Furnished Apartment 11000 Pesos (220 USD Month).
  2. New: 2 Bedroom House 7000 Pesos (140 USD Month)
  3. Electricity: 20 USD
  4. Water: 5 USD
  5. Cable: 11 USD

Food: Eats at home mostly

  1. Estimated Monthly Food Bill 20,000 Pesos Month ($40 USD)
  2. Shop in local markets (not tourist markets)
  3. Doesn’t drink coke
  4. Doesn’t drink alcohol

Travel: Extra Money (not included in 800 Month living expenses) goes to traveling around the Philippines

  1. Siquijor Island
  2. Bohol Island
  3. Boracay Island

Average Monthly Cost not including travel around the Philippines

  1. 40,000 Pesos (800 USD)
  2. Because rent is so cheap
  3. My rents are market but are cheaper than in bigger cities because I am in a smaller city.

Amenities of my 2 Bedroom House in San Carlos:

  1. Clay Tennis Courts
  2. Walking, jogging, bike riding area
  3. Not so many other foreigners there pushing up prices.
  4. Open land with grass

Neighborhood Gym

  1. 50 cents USD per day
  2. 400 pesos per (5 USD) Month.

Medicare Advantage:

  1. calroach2005@yahoo.com

Love in the Philippines

  1. Married with Son: first grade.
  2. Son goes to private school
  3. Cebuanas.com Dating website (don’t suggest it anymore)
  4. Now, just meet someone in person.
  5. Fiancee Visa

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Thanks for stopping by to watch 800 Month USD Cost to Live in Philippines, Dan

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