Best Hidden Gems in SE Asia

In this post, we rank the Best Hidden Gems in SE Asia.

This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. We have been in SE Asia for 14 months.

During that time we have found some smaller towns that seem to have fewer tourists and a more authentic feel. I call these towns hidden gems.

I made a list of my favorite 11 hidden gems in SE Asia and ranked them. I gave my list to Qiang Hui but didn’t tell her my ranking order. She ranked the list on here own and this post is a video and table ranking our personal favorites.

Then we discuss the ranking in the above video.

You can click any of the links to see the retire cheap reports if we created one for any of our hidden gems. Thanks for stopping by. Best, Dan

Dan Qiang Locations
1 1 Pai, Thailand (Full Report)
2 9 Koh Lanta, Thailand (Full Report)
3 2 Camiguin Island, Philippines (Full Report)
4 7 Vung Tau, Vietnam (Full Report)
5 10 Krabi Town, Thailand (Full Report)
6 6 Kampot, Cambodia (Full Report)
7 4 Dalat, Vietnam (Full Report)
8 8 Hue, Vietnam (Full Report)
9 Luang Prabang, Laos (No Report Yet)
10 5 Malacca, Malaysia (Full Report)
11 3 Battambang, Cambodia (Full Report)

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