Best Neighborhood in Lima Peru?

Best Neighborhood in Lima Peru

This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. I just completed a two week stay in Lima, Peru.

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I read about where to stay in Lima before booking in the Barranco District of Lima. But during the two weeks, I got to visit much of Peru. As a temporary visitor, there are really only two areas I would consider staying.

You see, I like to be able to walk out my front door and be somewhere interesting. I don’t want to have to take a taxi to enjoy my immediate surroundings. With that rule in mind, there are really only three places I would consider staying in Lima, Old Town Lima, Miraflores, and Barranco.

Old Town Lima: I was last in Lima 9 years ago and at that time I would not have stayed in Old Town Lima. But old town seems to be raising its game. This area is rich in history and is generally safe and beautiful during the day. But at night, I would wonder too far off the beaten path. If you consider yourself a city person with street smarts you will be fine watching the moon shed light on 300 year old buildings.

Miraflores: This is an upscale neighborhood full of expats and rich Peruvians staying mostly in high rise or newer condos and hotels. It is right on the ocean and has many high end restaurants, shopping, and things to do, day and night. In my opinion, it is a little too internationalized for someone interested in getting the feel for Peru. It is not much different from staying in any big modernized city in the USA or Western Europe.

Barranco: This is where I felt at home. There are artists, hippies, and geeks all wandering around together in a funky-cool-fun fest. The buildings are older and have more character than Miraflores, but the area seems safer than Old Town Lima (though not quite as historic). You will see some of the best street art in Peru. You will find live music in bars and on the streets. You will hear teenage rappers spinning heart-felt rhymes to a bass-beat, shine a big smile for a s/5 tip. You will see lovers whispering and families playing with their kids in Barranco Plaza. There are art galleries and cocktail lounges in 100+ year old mansions. Plus you can catch a nice clean bus from the Estacion Bulevar station in Barranco, direct to both Miraflores and Old Town Lima stations without changing buses. So you can easily do day trips to the other interesting stops around town.

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Here are my suggestions of where to stay in Barranco. If you select one of the places I recommend below, you will pay nothing extra, but they will pay me a small commission.

Backpacker Recommendation: This hostel is well reviewed and couldn’t really be in a better location.

Moderate Hotel: On the day I was searching for cheap hotels, this one was crazy cheap for such a great location.

Money to Burn: If you are fat on cash and want only the best, this place is for you.

Furnished Apartment: This is where we stayed. Honestly, the neighborhood was a little seedy, but we booked last minute so we were lucky to get anything. The Internet was great and the kitchen is fully equipped, so I was able to catch up on projects mostly and cook some nice meals. The neighborhood was okay to walk during the day, but at night we took a taxi in and out. But it was so cheap we didn’t mind paying for a taxi every few days. (If you are new to Airbnb, use this code for a discount).

Price Check: Once you have selected where you want to stay, then use to find the agency offering the lowest booking price for that property.

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