Best Restaurants in Arequipa Peru

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Best Restaurants in Arequipa Peru (Webpage) or (Video)
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Best Restaurants in Arequipa Peru

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  This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. As a vegetarian, you are often left scrambling for something to eat when you are in South America. But as usual, university towns are the exception to that problem. It seems that college students have an idealistic nature that tends to make them more aware of how food choices can be less cruel. Whatever the reason, it is great to be in a place again where I don’t have to hunt as hard for a great meal.

El Buda Profano: This was our favorite meal while staying in Arequipa. It is a vegan sushi house. The idea that we could find vegan sushi at all never occurred to us when we arrived in Arequipa. But to have it be so delicious and professionally prepared really blew our mind.

Burguer Chulls: I had a nice vegan burger and french fries here. Yah!

Omphalos Café Restaurant Vegetariano: This place sells an excellent 3 course vegetarian and vegan meals for s/10 (3 USD). It is also a great place to sit in a courtyard and drink beer and people watch.

Il Fornellino – Café Trattoría: If you are feeling like a taste of Italy. This one is great.

INDIA Indian Cuisine: You can find both vegetarian and meat choices here.

Las Gringas: Pizza anyone? I can usually go a week or two without good Pizza. This place will scratch your itch.

Mercado San Camilo: If you are wondering what the locals eat, especially if you are on a budget, check out any of the family owned restaurants in the central market. See if you can find the delicious potato dish we tried in our Arequipa Video.

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