Best Way to get to Arequipa Peru

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Best Way to get to Arequipa Peru

[kkstarratings]  This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. Arequipa is our favorite city in Peru. I would consider living here for a year or two at some point. So you may want to come see for yourself.

Bus to Arequipa: If you are traveling through Peru, you can catch a nice bus from any number of places in Peru to Arequipa. Just visit the Oltursa bus company website to find schedules and prices for buses. We rode the bus from Nazca to the Arequipa Bus Station (Google Maps). This is a 10 hour bus ride and costs about s/75. (Google Currency Converter). The taxi from the bus station to accommodations in Old Town Arequipa is about s/10 to s/15 (3 to 5 USD).

Flights: There is an international airport in Arequipa. If you need to fly into Arequipa, you will get the best price from Skyscanner. The cheapest day of the week to depart from most places in the world is often Tuesday or Wednesday. When you land in Arequipa, make sure to get Peruvian SIM card so you aren’t paying International roaming rates when you use my Google Maps.

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