Best Retire Cheap Beaches in World

Here is my list of the best retire cheap beaches in World.

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for Vagabond Buddha. I have been to 65 countries and I report where you can retire early for cheap in Paradise. Today I am talking about my best retire cheap beaches in the world.

I will start with my least favorite beach and move up in the rankings to my favorites. I will show you photos or videos I took as I discuss the pros and cons of each beach.

(15) Mancora Peru Retire Cheap Report: Mancora Peru is a hippie surfer town with many small ex-pat owned restaurants that serve specialty food from all over the world. There isn’t much to do in Mancora but party, surf, and eat amazing food. You may be bored or restless if you are looking for much more than food, ganja, and surfing for cheap, cheap, cheap.

(14) Penang Malaysia Retire Cheap Report: The beaches of Penang are about a 20 to 30-minute bus ride north from the George Town colonial-era center of Penang Island. So it doesn’t come immediately to mind when I think about the best beaches in SE Asia. Starting at around $1000 USD per month, you can enjoy some of the best food, healthcare, and colonial-era architecture in SE Asia in Penang. There are better beaches in Malaysia like the Perhentian Islands, Langkawi, or Borneo (Sandakan, Sipadan) but there is not much else going on in those places but the beaches.

(13) Santa Marta Colombia Retire Cheap Report: Starting around $1600 USD per month, you can stay in the charming colonial-era old town of Santa Marta Colombia which has a large beach. There are also beaches in nearby Taganga and Rodadero. Taganga is more of a hippie beach and Rodadero is more of a Colombian family beach. You can reach the most famous beach, Playa Blanca, by boat from Rodadero Beach. But don’t forget to visit Crystal Beach by boat when you are in nearby Tayrona National Park. All of these details are in our report.

(12) Merida Mexico Retire Cheap Report: Merida is on the Gulf of Mexico across from Texas so it has beautiful blue water and white sand beaches. Merida had many millionaires when the Spanish were in charge of Mexico. They got rich selling cactus fiber that made the strongest rot-resistant rope for sailing ships. So Merida is full of colonial-era mansions that ex-pats and rich locals are restoring. The only problem is that the beach is about 40 minutes from the colonial-era city center and you better have money for air conditioning because it gets hot there in the summer.

(11) Panglao Island Philippines Retire Cheap Report: The Philippines are a place for natural beauty. In Panglao, you can live 4 or 5 blocks from a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise water full of colorful fish for breathtaking snorkeling and scuba. You can also go island hopping for relatively cheap and visit the chocolate mountains on Bohol. Panglao is full of tourist development everywhere around you and they don’t seem to be providing enough reasonable housing for low income locals that are there serving the tourists. So it felt too touristy, maybe not sustainable. Also, as a vegetarian, there are better food choices in other parts of SE Asia. But since I can cook, this isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but it does move it down a little on the list.

(10) Camiguin Island Philippines Retire Cheap Report: Camiguin is a quaint little island in the Philippines of very little population and only one really small city. It has only one or two white-sand beaches on the island itself but you are just a ferry ride from two of the most beautiful atolls in the Philippines. There are several large volcanoes in the middle of the island so there are amazing rivers and waterfalls where you can hike and swim. There is not much else going on here. This is all about very nice local people and amazing nature.

(9) Koh Lanta Thailand Retire Cheap Report: Starting around $900 USD per month, you should be able to stay in a less developed island in Thailand called Koh Lanta. Honestly, it reminds me of how Thailand was on my first visit there about 15 years ago. This is a place you go to get a feeling of what the real Thailand is like and the focus is almost 100% on the beaches. Koh Lanta still has a very rural feel to it and many roads are still not paved. Most of the resorts here are still single level. There is a great night market for food but no walking street lined with strippers and $5 beers.

(8) Krabi Thailand Retire Cheap Report: Krabi town is a small city on a river. Plus it is only a short boat ride away from my favorite beach in Thailand, Railay Beach. It has a great night market and cheap rents. But if you want to run, walk or bicycle to the beach you should stay in the Ao Nang Beach about 20 minutes from Krabi town. Plus, Ao Nang is only a 15-minute boat ride to Railay beach. If you know how to cook and you get a 6 or 12-month lease, you should able to live here starting for about $1000 per month USD.

(7) Da Nang Vietnam Retire Cheap Report: The beach in front of Da Nang central is not bad but you have to walk through a blighted neighborhood to get there. Many American expats rank Da Nang over Nha Trang Vietnam because they prefer to stay in an expat neighborhood about 20 minutes south of Da Nang central (see map in the report). I agree that the neighborhood at the expat beach is better. But the Vietnamese food is better (and cheaper) in central Da Nang. The food in the expat neighborhood is overpriced western food that may not be as healthy as Vietnamese food. You should be able to live in Da Nang starting at about $1000 USD per month. So you can live in central Da Nang or the expat beach neighborhood and the bus back and forth is really cheap.

(6) Tulum Mexico Retire Cheap Report: Tulum is one of my favorite places because of a unique combination of White Sand Beaches, Hippy-Art Vibe, Scuba Adventures, Cozumel, Chichen Itza, Authentic Mexican Experience, Cenotes, and Excellent food. My only gripe about Tulum is that Tulum Beach is about a 5 kilometer (2.8 miles) from the Tulum locals village. Ther rents are too high on the beach so that means you need to ride a bike 6 miles round trip. Plus it is getting more expensive each year. If you get a 1 bedroom apartment and cook at home your

(5) Hoi An Vietnam Retire Cheap Report: Starting at around $900 USD per month, you can live at An Bang, one of the more laid back beaches in Vietnam. It is just a 12-minute taxi ride or a 20-minute bicycle ride from one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam called Hoi An. But the food and rents are cheaper at the beach and only about 20% of the tourists ever make it to that beach. Since tourists come to Hoi An to see the colonial-era buildings and history, the beach remains quieter. These reports have links to videos of us enjoying everything in the area.

(4) Siquijor Island Report: Siquijor Island is our favorite island in the Philippines so far. But our tour of the Philippines is not finished. We will continue our Philippine tour when the coronavirus is over. Siquijor has the white sand beaches, turquoise blue water, a quaint little town (San Juan with bars and restaurants) walkable from one of the best white-sand beaches, protected dive and snorkeling habitat, and rivers with turquoise blue waterfalls flowing down a volcano in the center. The only reason it is not in first place for me is that there isn’t really much happening there other than natural beauty.

Now it is time for the top 3 beaches in the world to retire cheap. If you want the complete retire cheap report for any of these beaches click more information below this youtube video. It will take you to this web page with links. Each report includes a cost of living table and retirement livability factors along with videos of us exploring each area so you can save time searching for your personal paradise.

(3) Puerto Vallarta Mexico Retire Cheap Report: I love Mexican food but it is nor as healthy as Thai or Vietnamese food. But since I love to cook healthy food, that isn’t a problem for me. The sand is whiter and the water is bluer in most parts of SE Asia as compared to the west coast of Mexico. But if you are from the USA or Canada and need to be closer to family, it is hard to beat Mexico for that. Starting at about $980 per month you can spend 6 months here as an American without even getting a Visa.

(2) Phuket Thailand Retire Cheap Report: Starting at around $1200 USD month, you can stay within a few blocks of a beautiful white sand beach that has multiple choices of excellent family-owned open-air restaurants. Make sure to watch my favorite beaches video in my retire cheap report and use my interactive Google map to tour the beaches to find your favorite neighborhood to live on Phuket. Thailand is not as cheap as it used to be but it is still a great place because it has amazing food, really nice people, and is full of English speakers which makes life easier.

(1) Nha Trang Vietnam Retire Cheap Report: Starting at about $1000 USD per month, Nha Trang is an international city on a beautiful long beach with gorgeous water. Nha Trang has an amazing assortment of family-owned pop-up sidewalk restaurants with $1.50 USD meals and a few traditional delicious cheap vegetarian restaurants two with $2.00 meals. Some people say Nha Trang has too many Tourists. But I almost never stay in the tourist areas so why would I care? Instead, stay with the local Vietnamese in my favorite neighborhood of Nha Trang (map).

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This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. Have an amazing day.

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