Best Cheap Siquijor Island Tour Philippines

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Here is our video of our Best Cheap Siquijor Island Tour Philippines.

If the above video looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the below interactive Google Map and get started on the tour.

Buy your tickets for the ferry to Siquijor here (OceanJet) before going to the pier to board the ferry.  The tickets cost 250 Pesos ($5 USD) per person each way.   Here is where you catch the ferry.  Don’t buy your return ticket until you are leaving Siquijor.

Once you arrive in Siquijor, here are the stops on the above interactive Google Map for this Best Cheap Siquijor Island Tour, Philippines:

Siquijor Port, Siquijor: This is where the ferry arrives on Siquijor. You can rent a scooter for about 400 Pesos per day and drive yourself or rent a driver and tricycle for about 1000 Pesos for this “circle the island tour.”

Paliton Beach: This is a beautiful beach.

Capilay Spring Park: This stop is a fresh water spring.

Old Enchanted Balete Tree: This a beautiful old tree that tourists love.

Hapitanan: This is a popular cafe on the island.  It is a famous Instagram photo location where people take flying witch photos.  It is customary to buy your driver’s lunch.  Lunch for all three of us here was 300 Pesos ($6 USD). 

Lazi Church: This church and the adjacent convent are National Historic Shrines built in the 18th century.

Cambugahay Falls: This is a beautiful waterfall.

Salagdoong Beach: Another gorgeous beach.

Siquijor Belltower and Saint Francis Church: This colonial-era Belltower was built so citizens of the island could see approaching Moros (Pirates) and have time to prepare for their attack.

Thanks for joining us on our Best Cheap Siquijor Island Tour Philippines

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2 thoughts on “Best Cheap Siquijor Island Tour Philippines”

  1. Hi Dan, I’ve watched several of your videos and just joined with your beta offering. As an American, I’d like you to say, perhaps by percentage, how many people in the area you’re visiting speak English.
    Thomas Manning

    1. Hi Thomas, welcome to the party. In the Philippines, there is a high concentration of English speakers. Everyone I speak to understands what I am saying. But it might be because I have been traveling in more well-known destinations. If I went into the provinces, it may drop somewhat. My guess is 90% in the cities and 60% in provinces. But there is data on this question here:

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