Cheapest Apo Island Turtle Tour

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Here is the video of our Cheapest Apo Island Turtle Tour.

If the above video of our cheapest turtle tour on Apo Island looks fun, click ==>this link<== or the Google Map below to get an interactive map and get started.

I saw more turtles here in the first 30 minutes of this snorkel tour than I have ever seen anywhere else in the world including the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and Borneo. This is a natural turtle sanctuary so the turtles will not be afraid of you.

Doing it yourself is better than a packaged tour because (1) you are not in a large group overwhelming the turtles, (2) you control the timing of when you come and go from the island, and, (3) you decide how long to stay in the water each time you enter.

You don’t need to write any of this down. Our web page has an interactive Google Map and instructions you can use to do this yourself. Now I will show you the video of us taking the tour.

Ceres Bus Terminal: From anywhere in Dumaguete, take a tricycle to the Ceres Bus Terminal. It will cost about 20 Pesos per person ($0.40 USD). They speak English here. Just wave down a tricycle and say “Ceres Terminal.” Then say “20 Pesos?” They will say yes.

Malatapay Market (Apo Island): Once at the Ceres terminal, go inside and look for the Bus with Malatapay on the front. Pay the driver 50 Pesos ($1 USD). It is about 40 minutes once it leaves the station.

Malatapay Wharf: As you exit the bus, and as you walk towards the wharf, look for people that look like tourists. Ask them if they would like to split a boat with you to Apo Island. The boat costs 3000 Pesos ($60 USD), but can hold up to 6 people. They will be looking or you too. This is not a big secret. Don’t rush, you will find them. You all have to agree on what time to return to the mainland from the island. Bring a lunch and drinks.

Apo Island: The entrance is 100 Pesos per person ($2 USD). Mask with a snorkel is 100 Pesos per person ($2 USD). A tour guide is required since this is a sanctuary. Tour guide 300 Pesos ($6 USD) for up to 6 people ($1 USD each). We tipped him $2 because he was so good.

Don’t come to this part of the Philippines without taking this Cheapest Apo Island Turtle Tour. It is really a once in a lifetime experience.

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