Cheap Dumaguete Waterfall Tour

This is the Cheap Dumaguete Waterfall Tour we took yesterday. We paid only $10 per person including the driver for this waterfall tour from Dumaguete. At the end of this video, I will tell you how to take this cheap Dumaguete waterfall tour.

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They picked Qiang and I up at our house and drove us to the first stop. There are two stops on this tour. The first stop is the Old (Original) Casaroro Waterfalls. The second stop is the Sheintan Ridge View Restaurant and Camp Grounds. The Google Map is interactive meaning it will guide you if you decide to do this tour on your own.

If you have your own scooter, the guide will charge you $12 USD for two people. If you do not have a scooter, they will charge you $8 USD per person which includes the ride driving you on the tour.

We are not controlling the pricing for this Cheap Dumaguete Waterfall Tour. We are just telling you what we paid.

There is another Casaroro falls further up the mountain. We took you to those falls on our Valencia tour (link provided). These Old (Original) Casaroro falls are not as hard to get to because the land is not as steep.

They are both glorious hike and very cheap so we recommend you take both if you are here for more than a week or so. The other tours we really loved here were Apo Island and Siquijor Island. The beaches at Siguijor are amazing and the snorkeling at Siquijor and Apo Island is as good as anywhere in the world.

For this tour, I would guess that the hike from the road to the waterfall is around 1.5 kilometers. You will see amazing Greenery and valley views along the way.

The second stop on the tour is the Sheintan Ridge View Restaurant and Camp Grounds. You can see Cebu and Siquijor from this viewpoint. You will also see amazing flowers and Dumaguete in the valley below.

Here is the name and Philippines telephone for our tour guide for this Cheap Dumaguete Waterfall Tour.

Tour Guide: Name: Deodor, Phone: +63 999 569 8400

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This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. Thanks for viewing our Cheap Dumaguete Waterfall Tour. The world is your home. What time will you be home for dinner?

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