Dumaguete Philippines Best Scenic Lake Tour

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Today we decided to take the Dumaguete Philippines Best Scenic Lake Tour. Don’t worry, this is a do it yourself tour, so it is super cheap. No need to write any of this down, I will give you links and maps to everything I discuss at the end of this video.

Total Cost: 220 Pesos ($2.40) for two people. That is 100 pesos per person and 20 Pesos motorbike parking fee.

Time: Half Day: 7:30AM to 1:30PM

Google Map: Just click the map or this link and head on down the highway on your bad motor scooter.

This is Dan of Vagabond Awake, the Youtube Channel for Vagabond Buddha.com. We finally made it to Twin Lakes on our third try. It is only about an hour from Dumaguete but we were rained out on the first try. On the second try we were with friends that admitted to being 60 or over so we were turned away at the gate. We didn’t know there was manage limit because of COVID-19. But this time we just Qiang and I went on a whim and we finally made it to the lake.

Three Highlights

The three highlights of this Dumaguete Philippines Best Scenic Lake Tour are:

First. The scenic drive up the mountain once you exit the highway.

Second: The hike from the main lake to the smaller lake.

Third. The Alimyon Kapehan Cafe on the drive back down the mountain has some amazing views and incredible pastries.


The hike between the main lake (Balinsasayao) and the smaller lake (Danao) has rocks that are covered in moss. Luckily it also has a rail that you can hold onto. I actually slipped and almost fell three times during the 900-meter walk so make sure to hold onto the rail as you walk. Moss on wet rocks is about as slippery as imaginable. Do not let go of the rail. I am not kidding.

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