Philippines Exit Requirements

Here is what we learned about the Philippines Exit Requirements in September 2020.

How to get your ECC

We found the Philippines Exit Requirements on this webpage, but we heard they were not being enforced during the pandemic. There we read that most foreigners that have been in the Philippines for more than 6 months must get an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) before they can exit the Philippines. The requirements are listed as:

ECC Application Form

Photocopy of Passport (Bio Page, Visa Page, Latest Arrival)

Original and Copy of ACR I-Card

Latest Visa Extension

6 2×2 Photos

We had read that we needed to fly to the immigration office in Cebu or Manila 3 days before your flight to apply for the exit clearance. But we heard from other tourists that you can get the exit visa quickly at the airport before.

We found this web page that says if you have been in the Philippines for less than a year, you can get the ECC at the International airports in Cebu or Manila so long as you allow an extra hour with the immigration officials. They had relaxed the requirements because of the pandemic.

Since my flight had a 4-hour layover, I decided to try to get the ECC at the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). So I prepared the needed documents I listed above and was expecting to hand them over to Immigration at MNL.

But before I could get to MNL, I needed to fly from Dumaguete to MNL. I asked a local travel agent what I need to board a flight in Dumaguete, Philippines to Manila. She said I needed a “Travel Authority” document before I could board my flight to Manila.

How to get your Travel Authority

Before going to obtain your travel authority document, you need to get your “Barangay Certification.” In the Philippines, your barangay is the neighborhood you live. Since we lived in the Talay neighborhood of Dumaguete, we went to the Talay Barangay City Hall to get our barangay certification. They just asked us a few questions (name, address in Philippines, entry date, citizenship, airlines, intended flight date) and issued us the Barangay Certification we needed. To find your Barangay just google “neighborhood Barangay City Hall” or ask your tricycle taxi driver.

With our Barangay Certification, passport and latest visa extension, we headed to the One Stop Travel Authority location in Dumaguete. It is on Burgos street on the side of city hall marked in red below. (Google Map link).

At the red cross on Burgos Street you will see three large white tents. First, at the middle tent, a nurse will check your temperature and blood pressure. Second, they sent us to the left most tent where a doctor asked us if we had any symptoms over the last few weeks and issued us a medical certificate. Third, we made copies of our passport, ACR card, and medical certificate, and Barangay Certification and then went to the third tent (most right). Ther the police issued us the Travel Authority document.

Requirements to Board Flight in Dumaguete

Upon arrival at the Dumaguete airport, there was another medical team. They asked for my passport, my visa extension, and my Travel Authority. They issued me another Health Certificate after taking my temperature.

Next, I checked into my flight from Dumaguete to Manila. The airlines asked for my Travel Authority, newly issued Health Certificate, and passport. They issued my boarding pass. Boarding was as usual.

How to get through Manila Immigration

Grab your checked bags and clear them through security and deposit them with your international flights. The airline officials will be there to explain.

Then head to immigration (follow the signs). The Philippines Immigration officials asked only for my passport and my latest visa extension. They stamped my passport and boarding pass with exit permission and told me to go to my gate.

I asked whether or not they needed my ECC and they said no. Just go to your gate for boarding.

Costs and Fees Charged

None. Zero. Nobody in Philippine’s government ever asked for any money anywhere. Not in my Barangay, not at the Travel Authority, not at the medical checks, and not at the immigration exit.

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