Cusco Peru Best Restaurants

Cusco Peru
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Cusco Peru Best Restaurants

Green Point Restaurant: The above picture was our favorite meal while in Cusco. This is a vegan dish of barbequed vegetables on a skillet. It is enough food to fill at least 2 people, maybe 3. We saw a couple we met on our Sacred Valley Tour and learned that this was their favorite restaurant too.

Shaman Vegan Raw Restaurant: This is just a great place. Great energy, great food, and great prices. Check out the lunch special for about s/15 (4.50 USD).

Pacha Mamma: This place has a free salad bar with every meal ordered. We ordered a vegetarian Pizza and it was decent. But we came back the next day just because the salad bar was so good. Don’t expect an American style salad bar with 1500 choices. There are only about 6 or 8 choices in this salad bar. But they were all delicious.

San Pedro’s Market: You are in Peru. You need to try what the locals eat. The best place to do that is inside San Pedro Market. There are probably 30 family-owned restaurant stalls that offer a variety of local dishes. Just go around 1 pm and look for a restaurant booth that is the most crowded. Order the daily special. You will pay about s/8 sol (2.50 USD) for a 3-course meal with juice. If you are vegetarian just let them know. Many booths can accommodate you.

Paddy’s Irish Pub: We recommended stopping in here on our old town Cusco walking tour. Their claim to fame is the ‘highest 100% Irish-owned Pub in the World’. It was the Russia World Cup time when we were in Cusco. So the Pub was full of screaming Argentina fans. We got excited about the game and ordered some Nachos. Not bad at all. They have a bunch of finger food choices that feel like home.

Organika: This is one of the best-reviewed places in Cusco. We tried to get over there but never made it. Let me know in the notes below if it is as good as the reviews say. I will add your comments here so others will know.

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen: I love to cook. We purchased fruits, nuts, rice, peppers, vegetables, cheese, and bread at San Pedro’s Market. Anything we couldn’t find there we purchased at Orion Super Market. I made some amazing spicey meals. Only the grilled veggie BBQ meal we had at Green Point Restaurants outshined my home-cooked meals.

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Here are the tours available in Cusco. I recommend using either Viator Cusco Tours or Get Your Guide Cusco Tours. These are tour aggregators. That means they just publish tours conducted by third parties. Some tours are better than others. So you need to read the reviews. Look for a tour that has at least 5 reviews that sound good, and 2 of those reviews should be within the last few months.

Here are the best places to stay in Cusco.  Here is information about how to get to Cusco.

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Warning: I am not offering you these prices.  These are just my notes and estimates from the time of my visit and this post.  Your costs will likely be drastically different if significant inflation or deflation occurs or the market changes after this post.  I will not update these numbers until I am on the ground again here, if ever.