Davao Philippines Cost of Living

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Davao Philippines Cost of Living  
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This Davao Philippines Cost of living information is intended to give you an idea of what it would cost you eating in local restaurants, temporary accommodations, and entertainment in and around Davao. If you retired or lived here long term, you would likely be able to save even more money by cooking at home and renting an apartment long term.

People get around Davao on Jeepneys so they don’t need cars, car maintenance, car insurance, or car repairs. We averaged about 8 Pesos for the Jeepneys we used while here. A Jeepney is sort of like a public shared taxi with people jumping on and off along a route.

Davao Best Cheap Food and Life

This Davao Philippines Cost of Living post focus on restaurants that won’t break your budget. We only list restaurants here if we loved them.

Golden Vegetarian Eatery (Favorite in Davao): This was our favorite restaurant in Davao. It also happens to be vegetarian and cheap. We paid 80 Pesos ($1.60 USD) per meal. In the above video we show you what our dishes look like as we discuss our favorite restaurant in Davao.

Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar: We went here on date night. This is a high-end restaurant serving American comfort food, from the south, as the name implies. We just had appetizers: Spicy Cauliflower and a Rice and Beans side order, plus happy hour beers. Our bill was about 500 Pesos ($10 USD).

The Vegan Dinosaur (High-End Vegetarian): Dinner was about 280 Pesos ($5.50 USD) per person. It was delicious.

Mang Inasal (Chicken Rice): Qiang had a chicken rice dish here for about 90 Pesos ($1.80 USD).

Mandarin Tea Garden (Decent Chinese Food): They had decent Chinese food and a vegetable rice dish on the menu for me Including trying the local dessert we spent about 340 Pesos for both of us ($5.80 USD).

Roxas Night Market (Ceviche, Squid, Salad): Enough got 2 people, 240 Pesos ($5 USD).

McDonald’s: We had breakfast here one morning for about 150 Pesos per person ($3 USD). When we did the white sand beach tour, Qiang brought along three cheesy egg McMuffins. It was typical American Fastfood.

Breakfast: The rest of the time, I was having protein shakes in the morning and Qiang was having Oatmeal in our room.

Laysa’s BBQ Grill (Chorizo): Chorizo and rice 100 P60 Pesos ($2 USD), beers were 60 Pesos ($1.20). The food was okay, but the fun thing here is live music and people watching.

G Mall Groceries: This is where we bought snack food and lunch we packed for the day tours and our bus trip out of town. The large amazing grocery store is in the basement of this mall. From our accommodations, we could take a Jeepney to the G Mall for 8 Pesos ($0.15 USD), each way. Just look for G Mall in the windshield.

Unitop (Everything Store): Even tents to take on our Best White Sand Beaches in Davao Tour. See link above.

DiasKepski Co-Working Space: The internet is not the best on Philippines. Go to this co-working space for lightning fast Internet. We went here to upload our videos. It costs $1 per hour per person. You can do regular work in your hotel room but to upload videos, you will need this place.

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Davao Best Cheap Accommodations

Here are a few suggestions:

Hostel: Amazing price, location and ratings.

Where we stayed: We stayed here. The price and location suited us well. The restaurants above are almost all within walking distance of this place.

Step Above: Very nice place.

Airbnb: If we returned for a month, we would want a kitchen. At the time of this writing, we would make offers in this neighborhood for $16 per night for a 30 day rental period If you are new to Airbnb use this code http://www.airbnb.com/c/dbell50 at checkout to get a big discount. Stay in an Airbnb to verify whether or not your Davao Cost of Living was on target for your budget.

Cheapest Flights to Davao

We almost always get our cheapest flights on this Skyscanner. They have a web crawler that is constantly looking for the cheapest prices all over the world. We found our flights from Penang to Davao for $200 USD per person. The Philippines requires you to have an exit flight when you land.

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