Mooji’s invitation how and why it works

Mooji’s Invitation How and why it works.

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Mooji has invented a technology for immediate enlightenment. He calls it Mooji’s invitation.  It is the only one in the world that I am aware of. There are many technologies that work over time, but this is the first one I am aware of that is immediate. Yoga is a great technology. Meditation is a great technology. Chanting is a great technology. Affirmations are a great technology. I have no criticism for any technology or teacher who is pointing to your true nature. Here, I recommend Mooji’s invitation technology because it is the only technology I am aware of that has the potential to work, right now.  Mooji’s invitation how and why it works.

I first become aware of being in awareness over three decades ago. The place Mooji invites you to experience life from, I often call awareness. It is a place that is available to everyone at every moment of their life. Awareness is a place where you can live in touch with joy without waiting. There is nothing you need to learn, practice, or remember. Awareness is an experience that you have. If you become aware that you are having that experience while you are having it, you will thereafter have the potential to return at any moment you please. You may thereafter decide to live in joy, during any of the subsequent moments of your life.

I have an undergraduate degree in computer science and a graduate degree in law. I am clean shaven, I don’t burn incense, I don’t wear a robe or any funny hats. I own real estate investments and have a healthy 401k. I have not sworn off wealth and I like to have sex every day. If you saw me walking down the street, you would guess I am a happy accountant, computer programmer, or small business owner. You do not need to do anything different in your life once you are aware of your timeless being. There is no approved uniform or required belief system. In fact, the opposite is true. Beliefs exist in the mind’s domain.

At the same time, I don’t think there is anything wrong with dressing however you want, burning incense, or living in any other way that doesn’t hinder the lives of others.  I mention clothing and lifestyle only so people don’t feel excluded from awareness by appearance or belief.  Awareness has nothing to do with either.

Mooji is not my spiritual leader. I don’t agree with everything he says. I just think he has the best technology for attaining a state of being that all the spiritual leaders have been talking about for thousands of years. I am not aware of all the technologies. I am not saying there is anything wrong with anyone if they choose a spiritual leader to follow. I just don’t think you will need a spiritual leader once you have the timeless awareness at your fingertips.

Once you are aware of your true nature and have access to it, I think you should view spiritual teachers as your contemporaries. Read and use their descriptions to refine the nuances of your awareness. Mooji’s technology is great at getting you there. And that is what humanity has struggled with for centuries. That is what makes Mooji a giant in showing you a path to your inner light. But once you are there, he is your contemporary, like all the others.

Most people have a religion. What I don’t recommend, nor do I believe would Mooji, is turning Mooji into a religion. Nor will you want to turn Mooji into a religion once you find yourself in the awareness of your timeless being. You will not need to wear a robe or burn incense. You will not have to swear off worldly possessions or ask for donations at the airport. The awareness of your true nature will not displace your religious beliefs whatever they are, if any. Awareness will include a living awareness of your god in addition to the beliefs you currently hold about god, if any. Belief in God, if you do, is more like a memory of god. Awareness is more like being with the essence of god. These are both available to you right now.

Personally, I am agnostic, but I must admit that awareness has an essence of being with a higher consciousness, so I can see why people associated that with god. If I were religious, I would describe awareness as being that part of our consciousness, many call our soul. For the religious, awareness is viewing the world through the small part of god we are.

This article teaches nothing about religion. You already have that situated, or not. This is not about that. I only mention religion to explain this is not religion. You can become aware, whether or not you are religious. If you are religious, this will just make your belief in god, alive in you.

Mooji invites the listener to a place of freedom from suffering, but he asks the listeners to actively consent to obtain entry into the process. Mooji asks you to leave your mind at the door for a few moments and to step inside and taste the freedom. There is something very powerful about this. He is not assuming a position of superiority. You are his equal. He needs your consent to help you find your timeless being. You must give consent actively or you may never find your way home, at this moment. Mooji doesn’t need your consent, you do. To hear the freedom from suffering, you have to consent to see what who you are when you live a few moments without your mind.

Mooji asks you to leave your memory at the door. You existed before there was anything for your mind to remember, and you existed before your mind created any imagined future. So by asking you to leave your memory at the door, and to leave your imagined future at the door, he is asking you to become aware that your memory and your mind’s imagined future are not the awareness of who you are. Or for the religious, your memory and your imagined future are so interesting to your mind, that you are unable to see life through the eyes of God in you.

By asking you to voluntarily subtract these two aspects of your mind’s playground, and by you agreeing to quiet your mind for a time with respect to these two things, there is less of what you are not, in the way of your being with your true nature.

Instead of asking you to jump to where he is. He asks your permission to peel away a few active distractions that you are not. If you take his invitation, there is very little left that can distract you from seeing your timeless being. Then he holds who you are by the hand and guides you to see what your mind is. He then defines what leaving your mind at the door means. So he uses a subtraction technique to remind you of what parts of your awareness you are not.

From a technique standpoint, the reason I believe it works better than other technologies is that he addresses your true nature in a direct dialogue. He speaks to you as his equal and asks you what you see. He does not tell you what to see or tell you what he sees. He asks you what you see. He even asks both your timeless being and your mind for permission before he starts. His approach empowers you to realize that you have a choice and to make it.

So Mooji begins by speaking to your greatness, and reminding you that you are in charge of your experience of living. Which is true. For most people, this will be the first time someone has spoken directly to their timeless being. You have decided to live with a veil over your vision and you can drop it freely when you decide. You just need a little help seeing where you are when you decide to drop the veil. That is the second part of his inquiry. He speaks to that part of you that came with you into this body and asks that powerful part of you to join him on a journey of awareness. He explores your own awareness of your awareness while you are experiencing it. Mooji takes you on a journey of the distinctions your timeless being sees while you are in the experience of awareness.

So the invitation itself reminds you who you are. And the journey through a series of questions allows you to see how awareness is different from living in a mind-centric paradigm. It is a brilliant technology and the most effective I know of.

Are you ready to take Mooji’s invitation now?

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Warm Regards,


Vagabond Buddha

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