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[kkstarratings]This is Dan from Vagabond Buddha. This is my retire in Aveiro Portugal guide. Aveiro is a must-see destination while you are traveling through Portugal. We decided to spend 3 days here between our stays in Coimbra and Porto, Portugal.

We are traveling around Portugal for about 40 days. We allocated only 3 days to Aveiro because it is a smaller town. But if you are on a hunt for the best place to retire in Portugal, you should consider Aveiro if you love small oceanside towns. It is a gorgeous well manicured oceanside community with an interesting cultural heritage.

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Aveiro Livability Factors

As I travel around the world, I have noticed certain things that seem to make me love a place. I call the things that make me love a place, the livability factors. I rate each factor high, medium, or low desirability. I then aggregate those and add my overall feeling about a place and then give the place a high, medium, or low desirability.

So, is it desirable to retire in Aveiro Portugal?

When I am leaving a country after ranking several destinations within that country, I order the high desirability locations: 1, 2, 3, etc. Then once a year or so, I order the best places in the world to live or retire cheap. Here are my thoughts on Aveiro…

Walkability: High. Everything interesting is 10 minutes or less on foot.

Internet: High. The Internet does really well here, even for HD video uploads.

Food: Low. There is not much diversity in international food choices here. Not a problem if you are here for a few days looking for regional food experiences. But a problem for sure if you are here for extended periods.

Weather: Medium. August is the warmest month with an average high of 75F, and it cools down at night to an average low of 59F. The moderate temperature and cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean often mean you may not need your AC. January is the coldest month with an average low at night of 42F but often warms in the day to an average of 58F. The rainy season is November through February when it rains 10+ days per month on average. I recognize that some people would call this weather highly desirable, but I prefer warmer weather in both winter and summer.

Things to Do: Medium. The city mainly focuses on tourism so that limits things somewhat. But you are on the ocean and only about an hour from Porto, so I am calling it medium.

Social Considerations: Medium. It is fine for long weekends nut a little sleepy for my taste to live here.

Expats Penetration: Low.

Real Estate: Medium. We did not investigate the cost of buying an apartment while we were here. We saw 1 bedroom apartment posted in a real estate office window for 150,000 Euros.

Aveiro Desirability Score: Medium. I could definitely live in Portugal, but Aveiro feels more like a weekend getaway than a home base.  So, I don’t think I would retire in Aveiro Portugal.

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Aveiro Cost of Living

This table is a compilation of my own search and experience while I was in Aveiro. I have no plans to adjust these numbers for inflation so they become less valuable over time. You can use Numbeo to make adjustments in my numbers once time has passed.  Cost of living is an important factor before you should decide to retire in Aveiro Portugal.

Monthly Cost of Living, Aveiro, Portugal ($USD)






Airbnb/1 Bedroom/per day





1 Br Apt/Lease/per day*





Hostel/per day





High-End Restaurant





Neighborhood Restaurant





Food Cart





















Per Month





Per Day




The above numbers are for one person and do not include alcohol, tours, or extras. I do not guarantee these prices for anyone. Here is a link explaining how the table works.  These costs should help you decide if you can retire in Aveiro Portugal.

*A 1 Bedroom apartment including a 12-month lease is estimated as $650 USD + $70 Utilities, or $24 per night. We do not recommend buying until you are positive you will stay for at least 5 years.

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Aveiro Best Area to Stay

It is a small charming city with everything walkable. Stay inside the area I have marked in red if possible. The following recommendations go from most to least expensive. Then I tell you where we stayed.

This is one of the highest rated luxury hotels at the exact best spot in the city. Here is a really nice place just a few blocks from the above luxury hotel. Even cheaper, check out the ratings on this place. They also have a Hostel with a great rating.

We stayed in this Airbnb in a house in the (above) red zone with a private room and private bathroom, plus we had kitchen privileges. The location is perfect and the wifi was great. (If you are new to Airbnb, use this code for a big discount).

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Aveiro Best Tours

Guided Tours

If you want to take a one day guided tour from Porto that visits Aveiro and wine tasting, then this one is a good choice. Here are other great tours of Aveiro.

Here are a bunch of additional tours that you should consider near Aveiro.

Self-Guided Tours

Aveiro Old Town Walking Tour

Above is the video of our Aveiro Old Town Walking Tour. Click the interactive Google Map on your smartphone to be guided on this tour.

Free Bike Rental (Loja Buga, Praça do Mercado 2, Aveiro): Pick up your free bicycle at the first stop on this walking tour. Just give them your passport and off you go. This is sponsored by the city so things will go bad for them if they lose your passport. If that bothers you, skip this stop and walk straight to the next. You will have no less fun, either way.

Chapel of St. Gonçalinho: On the Sunday nearest January 10th each year, the faithful meet in front of this chapel. They throw local pastries in the air (egg, flour, and sugar) towards the crowd waiting. They use varied kitchen utensils to catch or pick them off the ground. They take them home and eat them. Those in charge then deliver a flower branch to the faithful that will be in charge next year. That second ritual is performed by men singing and dancing to popular songs while they are either handicapped or pretending to be handicapped.

Largo da Praça do Peixe: There is a fish market here every morning until about 11 AM. It is on a plaza surrounded by restaurants and beautiful old buildings.

Rossio Garden, Largo do Rossio: This beautiful park is surrounded by mansions. This neighborhood was built in Art Nouveau style by Portuguese business people who had made their fortune in Brazil and returned home to retire. Make sure you see Casa do Major Pessoa which is now the Art Nouveau Museum.

Aveiro Canals: Aveiro has been called the Venice of Portugal. That is just silly. But the boats here are really colorful and you need to take the 10 Euro tour around the city before you can officially say you have been to Aveiro. The colorful boats are called–Moliceiros.

Aveiro Town Hall:

São João Evangelista: This convent was built by the Son of Cosme I de Medici in the 17th century. You might know that this was one of the most wealthy families in the world at one time. They were based in Florence, Italy. He built it as his personal residence and asked the pope to convert it to a convent. His wish was granted after his death. The first Carmelite nuns arrived in 1658 from Lisbon.

Mosteiro de Jesus: This former monastery of the Dominican Order was founded in 1465. In 1472, Princess Joana, the daughter of King Afonso, lived here. Joana was unable to formally become a nun because she was in line as a successor to the King. She died here 18 years later leaving her inheritance to the monastery. Today, the monastery functions as the (Museu de Aveiro) Museum of Aveiro. It has one of the finest collections of religious arts in Portugal.

Cathedral of Aveiro: This Roman Catholic Cathedral of Aveiro was founded in 1423 as a Dominican Convent.

Next, just wander aimlessly around the city. That is the most fun of all.

Lighthouse Beach Tour from Aveiro

Catch the bus with “Beach” on the front at this spot. Once the bus pulls away, click this interactive Google Map on your smartphone. When the blue dot where you are reaches the first stop on this map, jump out. Then start walking and taking pictures. The bus costs about 2.5 Euros. Jump back on the bust with Aveiro on the front when you are ready to go home.

Aveiro Nightlife (Bar Hopping) Walking Tour and Map

This is a small town so the nightlife is usually sleepy. Start at Praca do Peixe and walk around listening for music you enjoy. Just click the above map or ==>this link<== on your smartphone. Let us know if you think any places should be added. Okay, now go have fun.

Digital Nomads in Aveiro: Food, Experiences, etc.

We were in Aveiro for 3 days. We just worked from our Airbnb room when it was raining. When the rain stopped, we were exploring Aveiro.

Our Airbnb host suggested two authentic local restaurants. They will give you great local flavors and great prices. We recommend both to you: Zico, Adega Evaristo. The pastries we had in the above Digital Nomad video were here.

Vagabond Buddha’s Kitchen: We cooked most of our meals at home, in our Airbnb. We keep buying food here and cooking at home. We are eating high quality meals for about $2 EU per person, per meal.

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Aveiro Facts and History

Click here or on the above map to zoom in or out on Google Maps. Here are some interesting facts about Aveiro from Wikipedia. I am in Aveiro now.

  1. Aveiro has about 80,000 people living inside the city limits with about 120,000 people if you include the metro area in total. Aveiro is the second largest city in central Portugal. Coimbra is the largest, where we were last week.
  2. The Moors held Aveiro until the 11th century.
  3. Princess St. Joana, daughter of King Afonso V lived in Aveiro at the convent of Jesus in until her death in 1490. She donated here fortunes to the convent. Her wealth is on display at the convent in the form of religious arts. Her presence also elevated the level of attention and development paid to the town by the monarch and the court.
  4. By the 15th century there was a great wall erected around the city indicating its prominence in Portuguese society.
  5. In the 16th century a great storm closed ocean access to sailing ships which reduced the towns commercial significance.
  6. The completion of the canals in 1808 allowed Aveiro economic expansion to begin again. The unemployment rate remains low (5%), based upon the university, commerce, tourism, and transportation.

Thanks for watching our video.  We hope this guide and these videos help you decide if you should retire in Aveiro Portugal.

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This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. Thank you for reading our retire in Aveiro Portugal guide.  The world is your home.  What time will you be home for dinner?

Warning: I am not offering you these prices.  These are just my notes and estimates from the time of my visit and this post.  Your costs will likely be drastically different if significant inflation or deflation occurs or the market changes after this post.  I will not update these numbers until I am on the ground again here, if ever.   

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