Things to Do in Barranco, Peru

Things to Do in Barranco, Peru

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This is Dan of Vagabond Buddha. Our Barranco embedded Google Maps walking tour is at the bottom of this page.

Barranco is one of the 43 neighborhoods of Lima Peru. Because it is where many of the leading artists, authors, musicians, designers, and intellectuals, it has a disproportionate amount of beauty and attention.

Historically, Barranco was a beach resort for the wealthy of Peru. It is also one of the most popular surfing locations and produces some of the best surfers in the world.

If you click the below embedded free Google Maps walking tour, it will walk you through many of the most photo-worthy places in Barranco.  Here are the Things to Do in Barranco Peru,


Estacion Bulevar: This is just a bus station. But you have to start the walk here in order to get Google to direct you past everything of interest. From this spot to the next you will be walking past a nightlife area, and a brewery.

Barranco Park: This is the central park of Barranco. You will see a beautiful Church (Iglesia De La Santisima Cruz) and water fountain here at the center of Barranco.

Bridge of Sighs: This bridge is over a small park where lovers rendezvous. For that reasons you can hear sighs while you are on the bridge. There are lovers below the bridge on bench sighing as lovers often do.

Iglesia La Ermita: This is a beautiful Church and park on the other side of the Bridge of Sighs. When you leave the church area and walk to the next stop, you will walk by the Tostaduria Bisetti coffee shop which is located in an old mansion. Grab a cup along the way.

Barranco’s Backpackers: This backpacker hostel is just a place I picked because it is near some stairs that Google will direct you down to get to the next landmark. These stairs have some great street art and a bohemian feel. The above woman is the first mural at the top of the stairs you will see.

Rustica Costa Verde: This landmark on the beach is just to lead you down the stairs to the Pacific Ocean view shown in the above picture. This part of the walking path has a great view and hippies selling jewelry. Remember life is the path, not necessarily any specific destination. As you leave the beach, and return back from where you came, the next stop, will take you under a bridge with some beautiful street art.

Ayahuasca: This gorgeous mansion built in 1875, now functions as a chic cocktail lounge today. Go inside and check it out. Or come back at night and party. It is also on our Barranco Nightlife Walking Tour.

CEDE Galería: The CEDE Galeria is an art gallery on the edge of a lovely park surrounded by ancient mansions. If you like to walk or run for exercise, just step down the stairs at the end of this park on the Pacific Ocean side, and there are literally miles of concrete sidewalks north and south to tickle your feet and your eyes.

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Here is my Google Maps walking tour of my above Barranco Walking Tour:

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